Perfect Tool For Traversing (vid)

Why do traverses have to be so complicated? Let me try to explain this simply:

I personally only have two reasons to traverse in the trees. The first reason is if I can’t find a good spot to hang my hammock near the tree trunk and the second is so that I can Continue reading “Perfect Tool For Traversing (vid)”

DIY – Cheap Throw Line Slingshot (vid)

I bet you can’t throw as terribly as me! My between-the-legs-throwline-swing has gotten better over the years but I spend 50% of my climbing time trying to place my throwline over a good branch. NOT ANY MORE! Continue reading “DIY – Cheap Throw Line Slingshot (vid)”

Portaledge vs. Mosquitoes (vid)

39 portaledge close up

I packed up my new bike trailer and took off down the road feeling as prepared as a preschooler on their first day away from mommy and daddy. Was I going to be eaten alive by our state bird (the mosquito) or was my latest idea going to shield me from the horrors I was about to experience?

Continue reading “Portaledge vs. Mosquitoes (vid)”