Why Is Urban Stealth Tree Camping So Awesome?


I am short on both time and money which is why urban stealth tree camping works so well for me! Watch the video of my latest adventure to better understand why these short trips can be so epic…

My Gear List

-Portaledge: DIY “15 Minute” portaledge (learn how to easily make this portaledge)
-Tarp: DIY
-Outer Sleeping Bag: Marmot Trestles 15*
-Inner Sleeping Bag: Mountain Hardwear Ultralamina 30*
-Sleeping Pad 1: Big Agnes Insulated Air Core (deflated!)
-Sleeping Pad 2: Thermarest Ridgerest
-Pillow: Exped UL Air

-Hat: wool
-Neck: “Buff” freebie from TREESTUFF
-Baselayer Top: Marmot Ether (no, that is not a typo)
-Belay Jacket: Columbia Shimmer Me Timbers
-Overvest: Avirex synthetic fill vest
-Baselayer Bottom: microgrid fleece pants
-Shell bottom: Lowe Alpine softshell pants …no longer produced 😦
-Socks: wool
-Boots: Rocky Mountain 1000g thinsulate
-Gloves: Military surplus Goretex overmitts with wool inserts

-Bike: old school Diamond Back, single speed, urban assault machine!

-Helmet: Mammut Tripod 2
-Harness: Petzl Sama w/ DIY lanyard loops
-Rope: Sterling 9mm HTP
-Lanyard: Custom 8mm with Wild Country Ropeman
-Ascension: RADS: Grigri, Petzl hand ascender, petzl pantin
-Carabiners: 2 autolocking, 7 screw locking, 20 non locking
-Throwline/Weight: Homedepot high-vis line with DIY throwbag
-In-Tree Throwline: MagThrowBag
-Portaledge Anchor: Metolius PAS

-2 liter Nalgene of water (with a big glass of water before leaving)
-18 oz REI thermos with soup
-No cook snacks
-Hummus and vegies

-Headlamp: Black Diamond Storm
-Backpack: High Sierra 90L (I was too lazy to pack light!)
-Bike Tools: crank brothers 19 multitool & adjustable wrench

-Cam 1: Cam One Infinity (170* lens)
-Cam 2: Sony NEX 3n with extra battery
-Tripod: Targus Gripton Pro XL
(I brought two spare batteries for each cam to rotate into my jacket as they got cold and stopped working)
-Battery Charger: Mifi
-Lens Cleaner: two


3 thoughts on “Why Is Urban Stealth Tree Camping So Awesome?

  1. Logan,

    I stumbled on your website via a post you made on hammock forums, and I love it! I live close to the area (St. Bonifacius) and my wife grew up in Chaska. What park did you go to in this video to find all those great trees?

    Aaron K

    1. Actually I don’t even think it is a park. It is a trail that circles Chaska Lake which is on the south west side of Chaska. Just today I found another epic spot with some huge trees (which are much better hidden from road noise) while on a long bike ride. I am excited to check it out. So many opportunities!

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