Hi! Do you love everything about nature? Us too (just kidding, mosquitos suck). This website exists to help you experience the weirder side of being outside. If you live in South Dakota or any part of the Midwest and you love foraging plants, bugs, and mushrooms then this is the place for you!

Wild foods will introduce you to tastes that you’ve never experienced and I want to help you with that. I’m an amateur mycologist, a lover of fresh wild plants, and wierd enough to put bugs in my mouth.

If you are interested in mycology and not just edible mushrooms you should check out my full mycology guide for eastern South Dakota (it works great for all of the Midwest!):

OR! If you just want the TREEfool YouTube channel you can find all my foraging videos and other crazy stuff here: https://www.youtube.com/treefool

So what do you think? I love to meet other foragers that live in the Midwest so send me a message and lets go hiking!

My goal for TREEfool.com is to showcase over 100 wild edible foods specific to our climate. Alongside this goal I hope to document the average dates that plants in our area begin to sprout and flower. I’ve also built a mycology guide for South Dakota to help local amateur mycologists (like myself!) to explore our unique world of fungi. You can see this mycology blog here: https://southdakotafungi.com/.