Um… that isn’t a tree canopy.

Seriously, words can not describe this adventure. We started with a wildly exposed bridge climb and ended 100 feet underground. WARNING, some adult content is included in the video. Check out some more photos….

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Hammock Tutorial Series NOW UP!

Ah yes! I finally conquered my procrastination to deliver this long requested video series on how to hang a hammock in the tree canopy. The series covers everything from what kind of hammock to buy, tree selection, gear, and rigging. Check out the videos…

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Cheapest Portaledge? Full List of Tree Camping Shelters!

When I first realized that I wanted to sleep up high in the sky I started looking at portaledges from the three big manufactures at the time: Black Diamond, Metolius, and Fish. Unfortunately for me every single one of these portaledges were far outside of my budget. Continue reading “Cheapest Portaledge? Full List of Tree Camping Shelters!”

DIY – Convert a Cheap Rock Climbing Harness into a Tree Climbing Harness

One of the biggest problems I run into while wearing a rock climbing harness for tree climbing is that I have so many pieces of gear clipped to my belay loop the mess is nearly impossible to deal with. Continue reading “DIY – Convert a Cheap Rock Climbing Harness into a Tree Climbing Harness”