A Quick Lesson On Branch Isolation (vid)

A quick video using my S.U.L. gear…

Direct Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BX0srLW71rM

Isolating a tree branch with your throwline is a great technique when you are short on rope because it enables you to use the full length of climbing rope (versus only being able to use half of it when anchoring one end to the ground). This video demonstrates my S.U.L. gear which can be found on this page: https://treefool.com/ultralight/

Tags: TREEfool super ultra light tree climb ultra light climbing gear climbing with a short rope tree climb light weight minimalist tree climb

Disclaimer: This article is for entertainment purposes only. If you attempt any of this you will be severely injured or die.


4 thoughts on “A Quick Lesson On Branch Isolation (vid)

    1. Sorry, I thought I updated this page to include the answer… Remember the figure-8-on-a-bite that I passed the tail end of the rope through to create a “noose” around the tree branch? Simply tie your throwline through the figure-8 loop before you rappel to the ground, remove your gear from the rope, and pull the throwline. As you pull the throwline this will pull the figure-8 loop down and feed the tail end of the rope up through the loop until your rope freefalls down to the ground.

      1. Nice! I really appreciate the info. This seems like something I could really get into. Something I was wondering from watching your other videos is how do you stay tied in with the rope staying tight when you’re in a sleeping bag? Also when you have a tarp over you? I tried setting up a hammock in a low hanging tree recently and had a hard time with setup from in a tree compared too on the ground. Any tips for moving away from your anchor point for setup? Thanks!! 🙂

      2. Well, when I am in my sleeping bag I loosen the rope just enough that I can close my sleeping bag without restrictions from the rope. I prefer using a portaledge for the reason that I can clip myself inside of the portaledge. (if you look at the anchor setup under the portaledge building tutorial you will understand how this is possible). The same thing could be built into a hammock but I usually just get in, tie off my rope above the grigri to the head end, pull the tarp over, then loosen the grigri so that I can move around. If the hammock breaks there will be a definite jolt that won’t feel good but at least you won’t die. And as for setting up in a tree, this takes practice which is best learned by climbing trees and trying to reach the outer most branches. It requires a high tie in point which will allow you to traverse outward without creating a pendulum that would end in death should you slip off a branch. The most important part of setting up a hammock in a tree is getting your tie in point as far above your hammock as possible because this will make traversing during setup much easier.

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