Northern MN Tree Camping Adventure with Justin!

WOOT WOOT! Camping with friends is wonderful! Justin flew all the way up from Florida to go tree camping with me. How awesome is that? He travels the world, does yoga (the real kind, not that Americanized shit), fights muay thai (ME TOO!), and has a passion for protecting all life on our planet (ME TOOOO!). The trip was one of my favorite tree camping adventures to date. Watch the video from our excursion:

Direct Link:

69 morning breakfast

Here is a direct copy-and-paste gear list that I sent Justin before he flew up here:

-Hammock = Bat Hammock
-Poles = 4 spreader bars, 1 window pole
-Tarp = TREEfool custom tarp, topcap
-Sleeping Bag = Mountain Hardwear Ultralamina 30 + Slumber Summer 45 bag (My 15 degree bag was accidently destroyed in the washing machine)
-Sleeping Pad = Big Agnes UL insulated air + 1/4 thermarest ccf pad
-Pillow = Exped UL air

-Pants = Columbia stretchy polyester pants
-Shirt = Polyester Tshirt
-Shoes = Still debating, I will probably bring light hiking boots
-Socks = Thin polyester socks
-Undies = Polyester Awesomeness
—Extra Clothes
-Softshell/Midlayer = Marmot Ether Jacket (best jacket EVER INVENTED!)
-Insulated Jacket = Columbia Shimmer me timbers
-Rain Jacket = Rab
-Hat = wool hat

-We are going to have to buy food when you get here I assume? I will have to find a new health food store. I had all of my backpacking food dialed at our old co-op but I can’t find one on this side of the cities! I might end up buying some mountain house due to my insane lack of time.

-Bowl = Backcountry Ti Pot or Insulated mug
-Spork = Backcountry Ti Spork
-Stove = Primus Micron
(I am debating if we should bring the hanging stove to cook in the tree, thoughts? I usually don’t cook but in the colder temps having a warm breakfast is really nice. If you bring an insulated mug, or I can lend you one, you can put oat meal in it and pour boiling water inside to keep the cooking pot clean).

-Bottle = 2L Nalgene bottle and 1.5L Collapsible bottle

-Head Lamp = Black Diamond Storm
-Watch / Clock

-Poop baggies (I have a bunch of these but I have debated lately what is worse for the environment, poop inside of plastic in a landfill, or poop that can decay out in nature)
-Toilet Paper
-Emergency Kit

-Knife = Spyderco h1 Ladybug (best knife in the world!)
-3 Drybags for organizing and hanging gear inside the portaledge
-Plastic bag for food/garbage
-Camera 1= CamOne Infinity
-Camera 2= Sony Nexus 3
-Charger = Mifi
-Tripod = Cheapo from Target
-pee bottle

-Helmet: Petzl Meteor 3
-Harness: Petzl Sama
-Rope: Sterling 9mm HTP 200′
-Lanyard: Custom 8mm with Wild Country Ropeman
-Ascension: RADS: Grigri, Wildcountry Rope Man
-Carabiners: 2 autolocking, 7 screw locking, 20 non locking
-Throwline/Weight: Homedepot high-vis line with DIY throwbag
-In-Tree Throwline: MagThrowBag
-Portaledge Anchor: 15 feet of climbing webbing

-Rope: Sterling 9mm HTP 60′ or PMI EZBEND 11mm 100′
-Ascension: Grigri, Petzl hand ascender
-Carabiners: A bunch
-Helmet: Petzl (my wifes! lol)
-Harness: Mammut (my wifes! lol again!)


4 thoughts on “Northern MN Tree Camping Adventure with Justin!

  1. Hey, I’ve been watching your videos. I love them I didn’t climb before watching them, but when I saw a bunch of them and I saw how much fun it was and I started climbing. I made a portoledge and them bought a bat hammock. 2 of my friends also bought a bat hammock and climb because of me and I climb because of you so… I asked Tom Clator or however you spell his name to sponsor you and told him all about how you are the reason my friends and I bought one. Your the reason I got into climbing along with my friends. Please keep making videos.

    1. Hahahaha! I loved the video! Thanks for sharing it with me.

      Michelle and I have two weeks left before our baby is supposed to arrive so we are both quite anxious. JUST TWO WEEKS! Hahaha!

      I am very intrigued by the idea of Justin having a “French wife” so I hope to hear a lot more about you in the near future!

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