(VIDEO) – Minimalist Tree Camping Adventure – NEW CLIMBING SYSTEM EXPLAINED

This trip saddened me. Why? Because it was so awesome. I am leaving the suburbs (and my access to many great stealth camping locations) because my wife and I bought a house in the city so that we could be closer to our work. Our house is fucking awesome though. Yes, the curse word was necessary. We have an enormous pond surrounded by big trees in our back yard. And although I will have a greater distance to ride for stealth camping trips, I will have a whole new area of the state to explore. But anyways, ON WITH THE TRIP REPORT!

A lot of new things happened on this trip. I will consider it the first overnight trip where I truly went minimalist. Just one pannier and a 30L backpack that wasn’t even half full. Well, I am guessing you would rather watch the video that listen to me talk about it so here you go:

Click Here For Direct Video Link To Youtube

This post is like a week late, but hey, no one is paying me so who cares right? Hahaha.



5 thoughts on “(VIDEO) – Minimalist Tree Camping Adventure – NEW CLIMBING SYSTEM EXPLAINED

  1. When you advanced your climbing line could you still reach the ground and if you could did you descend in two stages. Did you retrieve your line with your throw line? With the Bat hammock what is your total weight? Thank you so much for sharing your adventures. You have helped me get out and have some of my own. Be safe and be happy.

    1. Yes, I have not yet climbed in a scenario where I advance my climbing line so high that the tail does not touch the ground. If I ever climb a 300 foot high Sequoia my 200 foot rope will require that I climb the tree in multiple pitches so if I reach the summit I can not just rappel out of the tree. In that scenario I will have to rappel out in two or even three stages. In that specific video I used my throwline to retrieve my climbing line at the end of the adventure… I assume all of my gear (excluding my bike) was around 25 pounds but I did not measure it.

  2. Hey Treefool,
    I’m really enjoying you videos and am planning my own tree camping trip now. I’ve stumbled upon this gigantic tree and thought it would be a great spot for my first trip, however i don’t know whether my rope will be long enough to reach till the top. Is it possible to climb higher then your rope length by advancing the rope in the tree?

    1. Yes. Before I bought a 60m rope I owned a 30m and would usually have to climb the tree in two pitches. Always tie a knot on the tail ends of your rope so that you don’t accidentally rappel off. This is how a lot of rock climbers die.

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