(VIDEO) Mosquito Hammock’s Bat Hammock Review

Finally! It only took 3 years. I am now the proud owner of a single point hammock and I couldn’t be more happy. Tom Claytor’s Bat Hammock was such a cool concept and seemed to be the perfect solution for tree camping but when I initially found it there were ZERO reviews anywhere online. Plus the description on MosquitoHammock.com was very minimal and the pictures weren’t as descriptive as I yearned for. After concluding that I was poor as hell I decided to not purchase a Bat Hammock so for the next three years I would casually pass by his website and wonder what I was missing out on.

But then, the curiosity became too much. I had to purchase one and find out if the hammock would live up to my expectations:

Direct Video Link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QR8rOQ4YY6c&lc=z13rezyyjkfcevdpm04ciznbqpeaz1cwqbo

It DOES! Actually, it exceeded them! The only issue is that Tom Claytor does not offer a mosquito net for the hammock and his rainfly option will create a very hot enclosed sleeping space due to the lack of ventilation. Luckily for me I have been building hammock tarps and net tents for the past few years so I plan on making a super-duper rainfly with windows for my Bat Hammock.

But where does that leave you? Well, Tom Claytor is a cottage manufacture which means he doesn’t have to answer to a bunch of douche-bags wearing suits in a corporate office. Instead, he is the kindof guy who loves using his gear just as much as you and I so he loves to hear our feedback. I have been exchanging emails with him for the past few weeks and he has AGREED TO OFFER A MOSQUITO NET!!!! He told me that it should be available in the next two months! WOOT! That means you will be able to look at the stars without fear of the bugs and when it rains you can drop the “cone fly” down over the hammock and just leave the bottom open for air circulation.

The hammock is so burly and stable that I had no trouble standing up inside it when I was setting up my cameras:


I am super excited about this product since it is the first hammock that I actually purchased (instead of building it myself). Go check out MosquitoHammocks.com for more information!


Be Safe!



13 thoughts on “(VIDEO) Mosquito Hammock’s Bat Hammock Review

    1. I didn’t get a picture from this trip but I basically took a piece of webbing with a waterknot (overhand on a bite) on each ends, girth hitched it to the limb, and clipped the hammock into it using a locking biner.

      1. Thanks. I am a rec treeclimber and really like your simplicity of your climbing gear. my set up is not that simple. might have to give a try

  1. Hi treefool!
    was curious about whether you still LOVE the bat hammock and whether Tom Clay has implemented any of your suggestions?

    1. Life has been insane so I have only slept in it in a tree for 3 nights and I still love it. I am selling the frameset for my solo portaledge project because I am so happy with the bat hammock so that says a lot. Tom told me he is going to start making mosquito nets for the hammock and it is listed on his website so, yes, he has implemented at least one of my suggestions. He seems like the kind of guy who really listens to what his customers need.

      1. The mosquito net is out and I just got mine two weeks ago but due to the rain and flooding round here been unable to check it out.

      2. Awesome! Thanks so much.
        One more question:
        Do you guys find that the hammock is WAY too heavy? I do a lot of backpacking and I would love to utilize the hammock for that as well as for tree climbing.

      3. Well, I backpack with it, that is what most of my treeclimbing trips consist of. Relative to a normal hammock it is very heavy and I wouldn’t consider it if I had no plans of tree climbing. However, my backpacking usually ends with in a tree (even if that wasn’t the original plan) so this is my go to hammock.

  2. Logan, thank you for this site! You have, by far, been the biggest influence in getting me into the trees! After about a year or so, I FINALLY have a Bat Hammock! Considering this material is much more substantial than a thin two-point hammock, I have wondered if the underside insulates better? Is it noticably warmer, or do you bring the same padding as you would for a thin hammock?

    Also, I have only slept in my garage so far, but I have been annoyed by the poles popping out as you described in the review video. I had some shock cord, so I looped it through the small tabs at each slot, pulled it moderately tight, and tied it off to provide tension. This works fantastic!

    I am really excited to go test this thing out on an adventure! Again, thank you so much for this site, it’s amazing how it has enabled so much enrichment to my life! I can’t thank you enough!

    1. Awesome! And yes, the Bat Hammock is much warmer than any of my other hammocks but I believe this is due to the fact that the material is waterproof and it acts like a vapor barrier. It gets REALLY warm in the summer even if I am just sprawled out half naked. I use the same sleeping pad for summer and winter so I have never tried it with anything different. Have fun!

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