Winter Tree Camping in South Dakota


Holy unique adventures! This trip was FREEDOM! I can honestly say that I have never walked around barefoot on a winter tree camping trip and I have never climbed an old wall of unknown age as if it was a stellar boulder route. (I call the route “Naked Feet” and rate it V1)

I hope you enjoyed it!


8 thoughts on “Winter Tree Camping in South Dakota

  1. Love the videos! Thanks for sharing your adventures. Have you tried the Bat Hammock on the side of a cliff yet? Would love to hear how it does on a vertical wall.

  2. I have enjoyed your site and taken to heart all your meaning. It reminds me of the peace I found climbing almost 50 years ago in the mountains and in the trees in northern Jersey. It is a bit safer now with all the new equipment so I’m learning the ropes. (so to speak) Having a great time sending my grandson up a tree attached to a harness with me on the other end not worrying about a fall. Now living in the mountains of Tennessee, very few mosquitos, but the lower branches are quite high on many big trees unless in open areas of the forest. Could you do something on tree selection and rope retrieval when you are using shorter ropes. Enjoy your family. Enjoy your passions as a family. You may have to eat an egg once in a while to get all your amino acids. Chris Hall

  3. Thinking you might have rope routing problems. Bought a couple survival blankest to make something up $12 each 83″x 59″ if you have any ideas. Working on the Lanyard rings because they put to much pressure on my abdomen and back. Figure I’ll incorporate a butt strap to help out. Found a lambs wool seat belt cover to use on the strap and used a nylon loop sling with a girth hitch so I didn’t have to have the knots and weaken the strap. May also use some castration bands to stabilize the rings. Work in a hospital lab and have spent a lot of time in the ER too. This is a great stress relief.

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