Crazy LIGHT Multipitch Tree Climb

Have a look at this super sexy and OH SO skinny rope! I am very excited to finally have over 100 feet of static rope. No more running out of rope in the middle of a climb. That gets annoying!

In the video is my 150′ 9mm Sterling HTP static line and my rope walking system that consists of a hand ascender (wish I hand a Unicender or BullDogBone!), a foot ascender, and a HAAS. During face climbing portions I switch over to my GriGri. This trip was really all about trying a whole bunch of new gear and trying not to kill myself.

When I reached the summit of the tree and attained the tie in point that I wanted I rappelled to the ground and found the “Director of Public Works” waiting for me. He wasn’t mad, just really confused. He didn’t understand that I was climbing the tree just for fun, hahahaha. I didn’t ask him why he wouldn’t let me keep climbing but he knew I wanted an answer and he just mumbled a few things and walked away. I think he was more happy that I didn’t argue with him than I was happy that he didn’t get me into trouble with law enforcement, haha.

Direct Link:

I hope you enjoyed the video! WOOT!



2 thoughts on “Crazy LIGHT Multipitch Tree Climb

    • I get asked this question a lot (since I use a rock climbing harness) but I keep putting it off by saying that I will make a tutorial showing how it is done. Basically I use a piece of climbing spec webbing with two rappel rings tied in then I thread the webbing through the gear loops on my harness. I am going to get around to the tutorial soon!

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