Crazy LIGHT Multipitch Tree Climb

Have a look at this super sexy and OH SO skinny rope! I am very excited to finally have over 100 feet of static rope. No more running out of rope in the middle of a climb. That gets annoying!

In the video is my 150′ 9mm Sterling HTP static line and my rope walking system that consists of a hand ascender (wish I hand a Unicender or BullDogBone!), a foot ascender, and a HAAS. During face climbing portions I switch over to my GriGri. This trip was really all about trying a whole bunch of new gear and trying not to kill myself.

When I reached the summit of the tree and attained the tie in point that I wanted I rappelled to the ground and found the “Director of Public Works” waiting for me. He wasn’t mad, just really confused. He didn’t understand that I was climbing the tree just for fun, hahahaha. I didn’t ask him why he wouldn’t let me keep climbing but he knew I wanted an answer and he just mumbled a few things and walked away. I think he was more happy that I didn’t argue with him than I was happy that he didn’t get me into trouble with law enforcement, haha.

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I hope you enjoyed the video! WOOT!



4 thoughts on “Crazy LIGHT Multipitch Tree Climb

    1. I get asked this question a lot (since I use a rock climbing harness) but I keep putting it off by saying that I will make a tutorial showing how it is done. Basically I use a piece of climbing spec webbing with two rappel rings tied in then I thread the webbing through the gear loops on my harness. I am going to get around to the tutorial soon!

  1. hey logan
    advice on new climbing rope need to retire my old one really like the thought of the 9mm, lots of talk of people saying that its too thin for the hand ascender and gri gri rad setup any thoughts before i order my new rope would be appreciated thanks for all the videos you the man

    1. 9mm works with the grigri 2 but you should get 10mm. This will give you many more options in the future should you come to the conclusion that a RADS system is too slow.

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