Blissful Sleep (vid)


After three weeks of overnight shifts and a beautiful summer completely void of any outdoor sleeping (unless you count sleeping for an hour and a half at the base of Devil’s Tower before an alpine start, haha) I was more than ready for a perfect solo trip into the wilderness.

This trip would include all of the ingredients required for perfect sleep:

1. Quiet – a wilderness far away from civilization
2. Comfy – a wide and flat sleeping surface
3. Temps – 50* the perfect sleeping temperature
4. Security – sleeping high means safety from the night creatures

I planned to accomplish this by abolishing my latest tree camping rig (The Monster Proof Hammock System) and replace it with a home made portaledge. Long story short? I will never again go solo camping without a portaledge. Seriously, the extra bulk and weight was TOTALLY worth the beautiful sleep that I received.

I only brought 30′ of rope and just enough gear to test out my new portaledge in the tree. My original plan was to visit my favorite secluded tree camping location along the river bluffs but when I arrived I found a huge boyscout campsite filled with many young and loud kids. So I hiked down the trail, up and over some bluffs, and started bushwacking until I couldn’t hear them any more. The challenge was that I was doing this all barefoot. I have never bushwacked into the wilderness with no shoes before but it was exhilarating!

After about 2 hours of hiking and climbing the bluffs I found a tree along the river and set up camp. I enjoyed a bag of delicious salt and vinegar chips then fell asleep. It was the first night in my entire life that I didn’t wake up once while solo camping. Usually I wake up and wait for the sun to rise but the sun was well risen by the time my eyes finally broke free from the shade of my eyelids.

Here is the portaledge I used on the trip: Easy DIY Portaledge. I am working on a second single portaledge and building a double portaledge from the ground up! I hope you enjoyed the video!



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