Building an Ultralight DIY Portaledge for Tree Climbing

I have been building hammocks and portaledges for MANY years now. This is my…


Well…. not yet. BUT IT WILL BE! I have been making tons of prototypes and I almost got it.

It is sooo hard for me to not give away my biggest secret. I HATE KEEPING SECRETS. So I will at least tell you this. I will be bringing A LOT of crazy ideas and adventures to tree climbing this year and I can’t wait to share them.


Weight: you’d love to know
Fabric: its a secret
Design: hidden in my brain
Date Available: what!?

So I’m unsure if I should call this a single point hammock or a solo portaledge. What do you think? What is the difference between the two? Heck if I know. But I plan to take this on ALL my climbs. I just wish it wasn’t 5*F outside right now. It is so hard to get out into the canopy when I loose feeling in my hands after 10 minutes.

This was a behind the scenes video and I hope you guys like it because I had a ton of fun making it. I also learned that I am the worlds slowest video editor as this took over 7 hours to edit. Haha!

But lets go back to talking about climbing. IF you were to find the worlds lightest portaledge being offered by some bearded dude passionately slaving away in his gear closet would you be interested?

This platform (does platform fit better than portaledge or single point hammock?) will not just be used for the trees. It is built to withstand big walls and urban climbing assaults. I plan to get really weird with this platform when I bring it out into farm country and all the abandoned structures than fill the void.

I have rambled on and on now about this portaledge thingy dinky doo so I will leave on a final note: You guys are awesome and if you want to go tree climbing with me and you are ever driving through SD please contact me so we can have an adventure!


One thought on “Building an Ultralight DIY Portaledge for Tree Climbing

  1. I would be interested. A rain fly and bug net option is also needed in my opinion. Also for those wanting to winter ledge any thoughts on an under quilt design or is that really only for hammocks?

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