Um… that isn’t a tree canopy.

Seriously, words can not describe this adventure. We started with a wildly exposed bridge climb and ended 100 feet underground. WARNING, some adult content is included in the video. Check out some more photos….

We didn’t spend much time on the bridge, as we hadn’t originally planned to climb it but after a gate was left open RIGHT IN FRONT OF US we couldn’t say no to a fun and easy urban climb. Needless to say we went up and back down rather quickly so that we wouldn’t get in trouble.

What do you think of the entrance? How wild is that! It was super loud with a big water fall right at the start so I didn’t think we would be doing much filming but it quickly got quiet and the weirdness began.

It got incredibly dark very fast (duh!). Adding to the trippiness was the echos and the unknown distance ahead of us.

Sports Camera

The parts leading to the helix stairs were smaller but nothing claustrophobic. We had to walk through lots of nasty foam though.

After one and a half miles of art and three hours of being underground Devon and I decided to get some leg gains and run out of the tunnel. That was an experience like no other! Running is fun. Running with friends is more fun. Running with friends in a dark underground tunnel system covered in art is a whole new experience!


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