(Guest Vid) Check Out Joshua’s Custom Shelter in the Canopy!

6a Joshua Tree97 tree camping on a portaledge once again

This portaledge tarp is pretty fantastic. Joshua contacted me last month and said he was flying into town for work. We swapped numbers and a few days later he was at my house setting up lines in our backyard. It turns out he is a pretty damn good climber and his climbing gear would make any working arborist jealous. Speaking of that, he is a working arborist and he travels to climb and set stages for concerts.

He was quick to set up a line for both of us since I was stuck on the ground watching my son. Maxwell did awesome by the way! He hung out on my portaledge while we chilled and climbed. We started talking about tree camping and he told me about his custom solo ledge. The ledge was built from a Gander Mountain cot (see my tutorial here: DIY portaledge tutorial) and he had a family member sew him up a bombproof tarp for it. Check out his latest overnight adventure in the video below:

Direct link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0O6AifTXtyk


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