Tree Climbing with Tautvydas!

Hey guys! Before I shut down the Vertical Camping forums I asked a frequent poster “WanabeAdventurer” to send me a list of his favorite climbing videos from his YouTube channel. I really like his style of filming because he keeps his videos short and he uses a lot of unique music  that I have never heard before. He also appears to be a fantastic tree climber with great rope-working skills! Here is his submission:

“My name is Tautvydas. I’ve always been drawn to climbing, but I live in Lithuania, and there are no mountains here. There are plenty of trees though. I first tried recreational climbing in 2015, loved it, and now two years later I’ve started working as an arborist. I’ve made quite a few rec climbing videos and will continue to make tree climbing related content (along with some other adventurous stuff) on my channel until I get sick of it (which seems highly unlikely).

[Huge tree climb!]

[Setting up a hammock in the canopy]

[Beautiful climb while it is snowing!]

[No music, sounds of nature with short explanations of his climbing style]

[Exposed tower climb]

I hope you guys enjoyed a few of his videos. If you have a video that you would like to submit just let me know. I do require steady videography and engaging content so if you think you your video fits this criteria contact me now!



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