Tree Camping On A Sunny Beach With FRIENDS!!!!

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What an adventure! Flooded trails, itchweed, sandy beaches, tree camping, rope swings, lots of climbing, and great friends! It has been about 4 years since I first started tree camping and for the first time in my life I found friends (or they found me) to join me on a legitimate adventure into the tree canopy.

I tried my hardest to shorten the video for you guys with low attention spans (like me!) but there was just too much enjoyable footage!

Devon is a fellow portaledge designer / person-who-thinks-outside-of-the-box. When he stumbled upon my website he realized we only lived about 15 minutes away from each other (what are the odds!?) so we met over lunch and began planning our first adventure together! Kori is a good climbing friend of his and so the three of us went in search for the perfect night camping in the trees!

Link to video:

Oooh, and here is a little exert from Kori!

“I’ve enjoyed the outdoors my entire life, loved camping as a kid, always into adventures and I’ve been recently really into rock climbing however it is difficult to find places to outdoor climb. Tree camping and climbing trees in general is such a great way to extend a hobby I already really enjoy. The view was amazing and it was incredible to be rocking gently above the river and listening to it trickle by in the dead of the night. It was even more incredible to be above the ground when we heard the two coyotes howl in what seemed like the very near vicinity! The experience is not only one I never want to forget but one I hope to replicate again in the near future and was only heightened by the fun and lively companionship!”

…I hope you have been inspired to get outside and go climbing!


13 thoughts on “Tree Camping On A Sunny Beach With FRIENDS!!!!

    1. Devon made it. He has big plans of bringing it into production. This one is a prototype that he was testing and wanted my feedback on. I think it is great! I love having the capability to stand INSIDE the ledge.

      1. Hi, my son is a big fan of you on youtube. He wants to buy the circular ledge that shows on the video. I wonder if it’s available by now.

      2. Hey! Sorry but it is not yet available. We both work full time and are attempting to start the business on the side so progress has been slow. Say hi to your son for me. -Logan

  1. Hey Logan, I really enjoy your website and video’s. Your sense of humor combined with entertaining tree climbing always leaves me in a happy state of mind. I’ve been climbing trees myself for nearly a year now, and found it to be a very fulfilling way to spend time. Hope to see more video’s on climbing techniques! Keep up the great work. 😉

  2. Hey i really love your videos! May i ask what state this is in. It is really pretty and looks great for cliff jumping!

    1. Minnesota. The river is very shallow so unfortunately cliff jumping wouldn’t work. But I know of at least 5 different locations on the MN north shore that have great cliff jumping!

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