Treecamp In A Snowstorm (vid)

Giant vertical hammock

Treecamping, insomnia, and a blizzard. What a great combination! Do you ever lay in bed completely awake wondering why you aren’t doing something more productive? Well at around 11:30pm last Wednesday I decided to “be more productive”. I ran downstairs, grabbed all of my neatly sorted gear, and crammed it into my backpack. I luckily had some leftover oatmeal packets, walnuts, and tea from my last trip so I tossed them in my pack with a bottle of water and headed out the door.

My backyard is a mountain bike park so I hopped on the trail and trudged through the heavy snow. It is about a 2 to 3 mile hike out to my favorite climbing tree where I leave a piece of 2mm pull cord hanging over a branch for easy access to the canopy. At around 2:30am I had camp set up and fell asleep almost instantly.

The next morning I awoke at 10:30 to the pitter-patter of heavy snow falling on my tarp. My hunger finally forced me out of bed. I quickly ate a delicious bowl of oatmeal/walnuts and started making the video as I finished cooking my tea. I hopped back into my hammock to be lazy for another half hour and finished recording my vid!

Thanks for watching!

Stay tuned for my silnylon tarp-net-sock-creation-thing that will top off my ultralight kit. Supplies arrive this week and I hope to debut it next monday (unless I get called into work all weekend).


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