Treecamping Hammock v5.0

Hammock Behind Mollers House

I am tired of this falling out of my hammock crap. Who’s with me? So…

I am still in the process of creating my final product. I am on version 5.0 and have finally worked out all the kinks. Now I just need to order the materials and choose the most annoying and vibrant colors I can find.

I followed a member’s instructions on Hammock Forums when I initially built the hammock. Here is a link to his very well written article describing exactly how to build it with a bunch of crazy math equations if you are into that kind of stuff (it may sound complicated but trust me, it is easy!). CLICK HERE.

I used a tent pole to draw a perfect bend (again, the measurements are listed on the link above) in the fabric.

The hammocks in the link use spreader bars and only two attachments. The genius part about my hammock is that it uses climbing spec webbing along the perimeter so after ditching the spreader bars and extending the corners I was able to turn the hammock into a stable four point hammock which allows for great mobility when camping high in the canopy. Just roll the webbing into each side and sew it in!

I needed two layers to help control my sleeping pads. I hate it when they move around! Also, with the addition of the second layer I closed off one end for a more secure feeling.


Finished! Version 5.0:


I will soon be doing a full write up and video from beginning to end of Version 6.0. Until then I will contemplate my color choices and you can start working on your own hammock!

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