Tree Camping

In 2013 TREEfool was created to educate the world about tree camping. At the time, I was able to find TWO photos online of people camping in the tree canopy and I wanted to change that. I used my past rock climbing skills and my wife’s old sewing machine to start creating gear that allowed me to travel deep into the forest and camp high in the sky.

In 2022 I reached the point where I didn’t want to go camping without my young children so TREEfool’s focus became foraging and mycology. BUT! I put a ton of work into educational videos and tutorials so below you will find five important links that you need to get started tree camping!

The basics of tree camping: how to tree camp.

Find a tree climbing technique that fits your specific needs: climbing gear and techniques.

Go tree camping on a budget: cheap tree camping gear.

The portaledge is my favorite camping rig: how to build a portaledge.

Camp without rules: stealth bikepacking