Big roof jump tree swing!

Do you want to jump off my roof? EVERYONE IS INVITED!

When Devon told me he was coming to SD for some adventure I knew something wild was going to happen. The previous time we hung out he convinced me to squeeze my way through a terrifying cave that led to an abandoned underground attraction (you can watch that adventure here: ) Seriously, he is a mastermind when it comes to thinking of weird stuff to do.

With that said, this rope swing wasn’t easy to setup. The tree was very far from our house and my roof isn’t that high so finding a spot that wouldn’t send us into the trunk or end with us slamming into the ground took about 2 hours. But when we finally got it set up and started jumping it was a RIOT. The highlight for me was when my son asked to jump off the roof. He is a brave little man and I was damn proud!


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