Frozen Laughs and Zzz’s in the Canopy of a MONSTER Cottonwood Tree!

Winter Tree Camping on a Portaledge in South Dakota

Whoa! I almost broke my frozen face laughing so hard on this trip. A gentleman by the name of Drew (and owner of “Drew’s Odd Brain”) contacted me and said he wanted to do a collaboration video! This will be the fourth time that I invited a random online stranger into my home from my YouTube channel. We hit it off right away and enjoyed mother nature at her coldest.

Drew learned some lessons in gearing up for winter tree camping and I learned some lessons in comedy, haha! Have fun watching our video!

This is the first time that Drew got to sleep on a portaledge and I am glad I could help him out with that! Check out my full gear list below:

-Portaledge – Acorn Portaledge (frame, webbing, bedding)
-Rainfly – Acorn Rainfly (fly and window poles)
-Sleeping Bag = Mountain Hardwear Ultralamina 30
-Sleeping Bag 2 = Marmot Trestles 15*
-Sleeping Pad = Thermarest Ridgerest + extra 1/2 under core
-Pillow = Custom

-Base Pants = microgrid fleece
-Pants = Softshell Pants (brand no longer exists)
-Shirt = Marmot Ether
-Jacket = Crag Hoppers 80g insulation
-Overjacket = Marmot m3 hooded softshell
-Socks = Thin polyester socks
-Undies = none! (it was a very cold decision)
-Boots = old 1000g insulated rocky boots

-Amy’s Instant Soup
-Sea Salt/vin chips
-BadaBeanBadaBoom snacks
-Poptarts for breakfast
-Cliff bars for quick snack while climbing

-Thermos with hot water for soup

-Bottle = 1.5l nalgene with sock for insulation

-Android S7

-Toilet Paper
-Emergency Kit

-Knife = Spyderco h1 Ladybug (best knife in the world!)
-3 Drybags for organizing and hanging gear inside the portaledge
-Plastic bag for food/garbage
-Camera = Gitup2
-Charger = Mifi x2
-Microphone = Gitup
-Tripod = bendy tripod
-pee bottle!!!!!

-Helmet: Petzl Meteor 3
-Harness: Petzl Sama
-Rope: 9mm custom from a friend
-Ascension: RADS: Grigri, Petzl hand ascender
-Carabiners: 4 autolocking, 7 screw locking, 20 non locking
-Throwline/Weight: Homedepot high-vis line with DIY throwbag
-In-Tree Throwline: MagThrowBag
-Portaledge Anchor: 100 feet of 11mm pmi shared with Drew


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