Climbing in a prairie? Heck yes!

This was an absolutely perfect night! A few months ago I was gravel biking and trying to get lost in the rolling hills to the west of Sioux Falls, SD. I stumbled upon this prairie reserve and wrote it down for future exploration. That was a good idea because this place was awesome! I was blown away by the quiet rustle of the trees and the wide open grassland that led out to a lake.

Here is my gear list from the trip:

-DIY portaledge and fly
-Mountain Hardwear UL 30
-Thermarest CF pad
-2 Exped blowup pillows

-100′ PMI EZ bend rope
-30′ PMI EZ bend rope
-BD coliour harness
-Petzl grigri
-Petzl hand ascender
-Wild country rope man
-10 misc carabiners
-Petzl Helios 3 helmet
-BD headlamp

-Nalgene water bladder
-Bag of chips, hummus, and a vegan protein cookie

-90L backpack
-Synthetic poofy jacket


2 thoughts on “Climbing in a prairie? Heck yes!

  1. hey logan thanks for the fast reply on my last question im getting my bat hammock this week and was wondering what you felt the best underquilt for the bat hammock is thanks buddy you the man you videos are the best

    1. Well, the problem with traditional underquilts with the bat hammock is the fact that they droop in the middle. In a normal hammock this droop helps contour to the body but in a bat hammock it leaves a gap between the quilt and the middle region of the hammock because the bat hammock lays so flat. You could try modifying one by adding a bunjee on both sides in the middle of the quilt so you can snug it up against the middle webbings on the bat hammock. I hope this made sense! I made all my underquilts so I don’t have a good answer for the best underquilt to buy.

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