Climbing in a prairie? Heck yes!

This was an absolutely perfect night! A few months ago I was gravel biking and trying to get lost in the rolling hills to the west of Sioux Falls, SD. I stumbled upon this prairie reserve and wrote it down for future exploration. That was a good idea because this place was awesome! I was blown away by the quiet rustle of the trees and the wide open grassland that led out to a lake.

Here is my gear list from the trip:

-DIY portaledge and fly
-Mountain Hardwear UL 30
-Thermarest CF pad
-2 Exped blowup pillows

-100′ PMI EZ bend rope
-30′ PMI EZ bend rope
-BD coliour harness
-Petzl grigri
-Petzl hand ascender
-Wild country rope man
-10 misc carabiners
-Petzl Helios 3 helmet
-BD headlamp

-Nalgene water bladder
-Bag of chips, hummus, and a vegan protein cookie

-90L backpack
-Synthetic poofy jacket

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