Australian Tree Camping & Climbing (GUEST SUBMISSION)

Apparently Australia has some pretty epic camping spots. Check out the photos from Stephanie’s latest treecamping adventure.

Here is what Stephanie sent with her photos: “I’ve done about 9 more tree camps since then (all solo) but the latest one I did on the weekend was with my partner, Pete. We found this amazing lone tree near the edge of the escarpment in the Blue Mountains with incredible views. He brought his drone and got a shot of us in the tree with the views in the background. Thought you might appreciate the photo. You’ll notice that we’re really not that high off the ground, maybe 5m, but that was as high as Pete was willing to go as he’s not great with heights. He did really well to get into the tree and I think he actually enjoyed himself once he was safely cocooned in his hammock!”

Stephanie also asked me about coming over to the US to climb the west coast. This is something that I have wanted to get together for a few years now. I got to visit the Sequoias this winter when my family and I were living in our van and traveling the country this spring. They were AMAZING. I cried a little and didn’t even have a desire to climb them because I was so blown away. BUTT! That doesn’t mean I am not up for planning a tree camping trip to climb them! If this is something that interests you then leave a comment below and I will add you to the list of potential climbers.


2 thoughts on “Australian Tree Camping & Climbing (GUEST SUBMISSION)

  1. Hi Logan,
    I just joined your website. I wrote a nice long email and then it disappeared somewhere before I got it sent. I am not very good with this technology ( to put it mildly). Anyway, I would definitely like to join you and your West Coast climbing trip when it happens. A year and a half ago, my son and I went out west and climbed three Redwood trees that a friend of a friend had on his private land. It was an awesome and rewarding trip .
    I will keep this short. But I do want to try to send two pictures of my solution to the bat hammock poles popping out the pockets. And also a picture of me and my son at 250 feet up in a red wood.
    I also have never managed a complete nights sleep in the bat hammock.. I am definitely interested in sharing some ideas with you and see if we can come up with any lightweight comfortable solution! Soft landings, Bob Detrich

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