4 thoughts on “(GUEST VID) – Tree Camping with a Unicycle? Hell yes ;)

    1. Hey, I receive all messages posted to TREEfool.com but it will need to be verified if it is your first post. If you have somehow figured out how to send emails to the email account linked to this website I do NOT check that email.

    2. I’m 11 years old and am about to start tree camping and you and TheTreeCamper who is shown above are who got me into it! At the moment I’ve got a grigri + a petzl basic and a foot loop. I’m about to get the tendon salamander rope, a lanyard and a hammock. Any gear you could recommend please. I came here for the “monster proof hammock” lol your awesome and thank you so much.

      1. A nice double locking carabiner for your grigri attachment and a few extra carabiners of different shapes is all I can think of. Climb safe!

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