The Portaledge Of Love – My DIY Double Portaledge & Rainfly


Ahhh the double portaledge! I have decided to name mine “The Portaledge Of Love” because the #1 reason why I built it was so that my wife would go tree camping with me (she doesn’t want to sleep alone in one of my bridge hammocks). To be honest, ever since I started rock climbing many years ago I dreamed of sleeping in a portaledge on a big wall. I don’t know why the idea was so appealing to me, oh wait, BECAUSE IT’S FREAKING AWESOME! Seriously. It combines two of the most awesome things to do in this world: climbing & sleeping. A good friend of mine explained it in another way, “When you sleep on a portaledge you wake up and you are already climbing.”

So even though I have never actually slept on or even touched a real portaledge I was determined to own one! There four different manufactures in America and none of them sell a portaledge and rainfly combination for under $800. That meant the only option I had was to build one myself!!!!

This. Project. Was. Epic.

I had a five day span off work and the portaledge alone took me that entire time to build. A week later the rainfly material arrived and I literally worked nonstop on it (aside from three quick snacks) from 8am to 4am the following day, slept for 4 hours, woke up and worked on it from 8am until 2pm and waited a few hours for the seam sealer to dry so that I could bring the ledge on me and my friend’s weekend rock and tree climbing trip.

I used over 2000 yards of yarn. OMG. Do not underestimate the work that this project required! This specific webpage is dedicated to showing you the pictures of this project. If you want to learn about where I sourced parts, prices, and weights then please visit the main portaledge DIY tutorial page at this link: TREEfool’s Master Portaledge Tutorial



Disclaimer: This article is for entertainment purposes only. If you attempt any of this you will be severely injured or die.


9 thoughts on “The Portaledge Of Love – My DIY Double Portaledge & Rainfly

  1. Thank you for this! Very inspiring!! Now I know a good sewing project for next winter. Do you have any blueprints or detailet measurements?

    1. Visit this page if you haven’t already:

      On that page I discuss many different topics and have a general blueprint for the rainfly since this is the most complicated portion. However, I have not listed specific measurements because depending on the size of tubes and corners or even the space requirements all measurements will change. I recommend sticking to the measurements of all the big company portaledges (metolius, black diamond, runout custom, fish)

    1. I don’t know how to record off of my computer screen! There is actually a tutorial given with the software when you download it. It might be possible for me to share the saved file of the corner pieces I created on the software. I will try to find the files if you are interested.

    1. Ok, I will attempt to answer this without having the numbers in front of me. I can’t believe that I didn’t post this information along with the pictures because I have since forgotten.

      (The following prices are an educated guess)

      Chromoly Tubes: $115
      Corner pieces: $100
      420d Bedding: $70
      Webbing Straps: $40
      Webbing Buckles: $12
      Plastic Bed Buckles: free
      Yarn: $15
      (I used the spare webbing for the edge tape, and some spare ballistic nylon for the scuff guard on the wall side)
      SUBTOTAL: $352

      70d Silnylon (main body): $60
      30d Silnylon (windows): $20
      Balistic Nylon (scuff protection): $40
      Tube of Sealant: $8
      SUBTOTAL: $128

      FINAL TOTAL: $480

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