Tree Climb Without Ropes (vid)


This is not a smart idea… but watch the video anyways!!!

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Last fall I had planned a tree camping trip but decided that I was feeling way to lazy to bring my harness and other climbing gear. The problem was that I can’t sleep while listening to coyotes howl if I am hanging near the ground so I grabbed two webbing ladders and tossed them into my pack.

My theory was this: girth hitch a cord to the tree, hook up the webbing ladder, and set up the hammock at a (relatively) safe distance above the ground. I had planned on using both webbing ladders to get my hammock up to 15′ high between two small trees but I was content with 10′ high anchor points which allowed my hammock to hang at about 6′ above the ground. This is well out of reach of the coyotes (haha, why the heck am I scared of them any ways?)!

I slept great and the idea worked even better. Webbing ladders (also known as “aiders” or “etriers”) are VERY easy to make. All you need is a piece of webbing and your DIY skills so if this interests you give it a shot!



Disclaimer: This article is for entertainment purposes only. If you attempt any of this you will be severely injured or die.
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