Best U.L. Knife Ever Invented


What weighs .6 of an ounce and is mightier than a sword?  The Spyderco Ladybug Salt. The best knife you own is the one you are carrying. What good is a $300 custom fixed blade if you can be easily separated from it?

Imagine that you are carrying your knife in your backpack but you set down your pack to go investigate something off the trail. You are now knifeless. OR, if you always carry your knife in your pocket imagine that it is a hot summer day and you decide to take a swim in the lake. Most knife owners will leave their beloved knife on shore to prevent massive amounts of rust forming.

My “survival knife” is on me 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That is not an exaggeration. I run while wearing it, I swim with it (I even carry it in my gel pocket when racing triathlons), I climb with it, and I shower with it. I am never knifeless.

The Ladybug Salt uses H1 steel which can not rust because it uses “1% nitrogen instead of carbon”. There are guys who tested this theory by leaving the knife in salt water for weeks at a time. Google it. My anecdotal evidence also shows that it is impossible to make this knife rust. I sweat all over this thing and completely submerge it in water daily (going on 3 years now) yet it WILL NOT RUST!

I originally wanted a small fixed blade for cliff jumping if I ever got swept down the river and found myself lost in the woods. However, I have found that this tiny folder is the perfect size and does everything I ask of it. I wear it around my neck on a brown piece of paracord with a break-away connector. The FRN handle helps make this knife so light that it doesn’t even bounce when I am running. If I have my shirt off most people don’t even realize I am wearing a knife.

Seriously, go buy one. I got mine for $25 on Ebay and I can’t believe how handy it is to never be knifeless.


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