Reader’s Home Made Portaledges

…This page is home to all the DIY portaledge’s that are submitted to TREEfool. If you want to help inspire other climbers or to just show off your craftsmanship simply leave a comment with a link to your pictures. Write down any information you want added into the captions. I truly hope I receive more submissions in the future because I would love to see what you guys are using for sleeping high in the sky. ~Logan


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First portaledge submission! Thanks man! I can’t wait to see the finished product.


Terry’s rainfly is almost complete. Just needs a topcap.

I asked Terry to provide some specifications and he said, “I first started off with a first aid stretcher £10 that i found at a local imporium (junkshop) lol i then bought on ebay a pack of 4 ratchet straps for £6.99 last but not least i went to tesco and bought a £15 2 man tent.” …cheap and easy, just how I like it!


Matt’s portaledge has some cool features.

I was really excited that Matt contacted me on the Treebuzz forums because the portaledge he made incorporates some ideas that I do not show on my main portaledge tutorial and he came up with a unique strap adjustment idea! This is what he had to say about his portaledge: “The central hub is a figure 8, and the two center ropes are connected to the ledge with Distel friction hitches for adjustment. I followed a lot of your steps, and even made a grab handle out of rope and webbing, which is a great idea. I drilled out the center leg, cut it as short as possible and reattached it with bolts to make it as compact as possible. Kind of messy in the pic, but I found that velcro loops help keep the excess webbing tight to the support webbing.
Thanks again!”


6 thoughts on “Reader’s Home Made Portaledges

  1. Well I finally did it. After a month of gathering the things to make the 15 minute portaledge, I did it. And it turned out AMAZING! First off, I live in Greensboro, North Carolina, and for some reason when ever I want something, no place has it. This was one of those things! I’m only 13 and had to convince my parents to drive me 2 hours to Raleigh to get the gander mountain cabin cot ( which was actually on sale for 35$ ) and the Tapecraft webbing. Well, I got the cot, and 20 feet of webbing (a big mistake). I then went by Home Depot and bought plastic cam buckles ( I replaced them with metal ones after a while ). It turns out 20 feet of webbing wasn’t enough so I used some of the webbing from the cam buckles rated at 200 pounds. Now, I don’t weigh 200 pounds ( I weigh 100 ) but it freaked the crap out of me knowing that if I bounced a little on it that the webbing would break. I ended up just hanging that portaledge no higher than 15 ft off the ground. A few weeks later, I went by an outdoor store 5 min away from my house and found out they had everything I needed in the first place to build to portaledge, including metal cam buckles. I ended up buying 50 ft of webbing and the metal cam buckles. It ended up being like 55$ dollars! Then, I went home and waited a week to make the portaledge. Then the bad news came that my mom had sold our sewing machine. That meant I had to sew everything by hand. I went by joann’s fabric and sewing store and bought some strong thread. 6 hours after continuous sewing, I had finished the top part of the portaledge. Then about 10 minutes later, I was finished with the entire portaledge and I couldn’t believe how much better it looked now. Thank you so much for the tutorial on how to build it, and also thank you for suggesting in the end your climbing tutorial to watch the documentary earthlings, because now I’m vegan.

    1. I love it! I would really enjoy seeing photos of your portaledge if you have any. I remember the days when I had to sew everything by hand so you definitely have my respect for doing it!

      And I wanted to say thank you for watching the documentary. If we were talking face to face I would shake your hand simply because you decided to educate yourself on the topic of animal farming. And the fact that I have inspired you to live a healthier plant based lifestyle will be the highlight of my entire week!

      Send some photos my way and I will post them up on my blog and the VerticalCamping forums.

      1. That looks great! If you feel like the portaledge is too unstable it may help to lengthen the webbing even more. I would also tie off the middle cord to BOTH sides of the spreader bar otherwise one half of your portaledge will be held up by those tiny bolts and the very thin aluminum that they are bolted through.

      2. Yeah I actually took the pictures of the portaledge right after I built it and after that I tied cord to both sides. Thanks for letting me know though.

  2. Hay I wus wondering what Lenth
    webbing do you use on the suspension system and white stitching do you use on the buckles

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