Tree Camping Videos

Winter Tree Camping in South Dakota

Tree Camping the North Shore with Friends!

Stealth Camping at Bevan’s Creek

Tree Camping On A Sunny Beach With Friends!

Bikepacking On My Surly Karate Monkey

Why Is Urban Stealth Tree Camping So Awesome?

FARCE: Idiot Rescuer Risks Life To Save Tree Climber

Me VERSUS The Geese!

1 Portaledge + 2 Friends + 3 Days = Epic Adventure!

Revewing My Finished DIY Single Portaledge

Blissful Sleep

Slaying The Dragon


Tree Camp In A Snowstorm

Portaledge vs. Mosquitoes

Alone In The Sky

Face Climbing Videos

104′ high Face Climbing AWESOMENESS!

FastForward & UnCut


You can find many more videos on this website about gear ideas and DIY hammock stuff but I did not want to list all of them on this page because they are relatively short and specialized to certain topics. Browse through the “TUTORIALS” tab and the “-gear” section under the “POSTS” tab to find more.

YouTube Channel

TREEfool YouTube Channel

5 thoughts on “VIDEOS!”

  1. Dude! your video called: Aerial Camping HIGH Above a River. What is the circular based tent called? I’ve been looking online for hours. Please help me bro! Its like a small trampoline hung by a giant mosquito net. The best design i’ve seen yet, for spaciousness and a pleasing space to be in.

    1. Ya man, it was custom built by the gentleman in the video. We went on that hang because he wanted to start a business of selling his circular portaledge and he wanted to see what I thought about it. But if you are really that interested I might be able to get you his contact info.

      1. That would be amazing mate. I’m very close to buying the Bat Hammock, but the circular portaledge would be so much nicer to be in (maybe too heavy).
        Hey I had an idea about the annoying little poles on the bat hammock- Take a long thin corded alloy pole (from a small dome tent), thread it all the way round the six loops where the original poles would go, making a big circle; and then evenly bend the curvature of the metal at the head and feet area, to make the circle into a rounded rectangle. Hey presto; less poles, better space! What do you reckon?

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