Tree Camping Videos

Winter Tree Camping in South Dakota

Tree Camping the North Shore with Friends!

Stealth Camping at Bevan’s Creek

Tree Camping On A Sunny Beach With Friends!

Bikepacking On My Surly Karate Monkey

Why Is Urban Stealth Tree Camping So Awesome?

FARCE: Idiot Rescuer Risks Life To Save Tree Climber

Me VERSUS The Geese!

1 Portaledge + 2 Friends + 3 Days = Epic Adventure!

Revewing My Finished DIY Single Portaledge

Blissful Sleep

Slaying The Dragon


Tree Camp In A Snowstorm

Portaledge vs. Mosquitoes

Alone In The Sky

Face Climbing Videos

104′ high Face Climbing AWESOMENESS!

FastForward & UnCut


You can find many more videos on this website about gear ideas and DIY hammock stuff but I did not want to list all of them on this page because they are relatively short and specialized to certain topics. Browse through the “TUTORIALS” tab and the “-gear” section under the “POSTS” tab to find more.

YouTube Channel

TREEfool YouTube Channel


5 thoughts on “VIDEOS!

  1. Dude! your video called: Aerial Camping HIGH Above a River. What is the circular based tent called? I’ve been looking online for hours. Please help me bro! Its like a small trampoline hung by a giant mosquito net. The best design i’ve seen yet, for spaciousness and a pleasing space to be in.

    • Ya man, it was custom built by the gentleman in the video. We went on that hang because he wanted to start a business of selling his circular portaledge and he wanted to see what I thought about it. But if you are really that interested I might be able to get you his contact info.

      • That would be amazing mate. I’m very close to buying the Bat Hammock, but the circular portaledge would be so much nicer to be in (maybe too heavy).
        Hey I had an idea about the annoying little poles on the bat hammock- Take a long thin corded alloy pole (from a small dome tent), thread it all the way round the six loops where the original poles would go, making a big circle; and then evenly bend the curvature of the metal at the head and feet area, to make the circle into a rounded rectangle. Hey presto; less poles, better space! What do you reckon?

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