The basics of treecamping: how to treecamp.

Find a tree climbing technique that fits your specific needs: climbing gear and techniques.

Go tree camping on a budget: cheap tree camping gear.

The portaledge is my favorite camping rig: how to build a portaledge.

Camp without rules: stealth bikepacking

8 responses to “Camping.”

  1. Hello!

    My name is Drew and I have recently created a youtube channel that I am going to begin focusing on learning new skills while highlighting people and their passions. You have an enthusiasm and a clear passion for what you do and I would love to create a video with you. I have recently taken up learning how to place myself within a tree in a manner that will not lead to an untimely death. DdRT with a Blake’s hitch is the current approach. πŸ™‚ . I’ve van lifted in a town and country for an extended weekend, have a history of backpacking, and have completed Ragbrai so I feel that at the very least we’ll have something to talk about. I look forward to hearing from you.


    Drew’s Odd Brain
    *(I wouldn’t start with the apple video)

    • I am unsure what kind of helmet you own but all climbing helmets that I have ever seen have small hooks or tabs that the straps of your headlamp slide into. Any quality climbing helmet will use some sort of attachment system.

  2. Thanks a ton for these tutorials. I found your videos (particularly the one where you tree-camp over the river with your two friends) very inspiring and now I have a new hobby! I have all my gear and have an army cot portaledge setup currently under construction.

  3. i learned aided climbing from you and others on utube, thank you for all you have shared, i now teach others and see all the money spent on climbing equipment as the best investment i have, thank you, peace out, zane

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