TREEfool Waiver and Release of Liability

TREEfool and Logan Spader are not responsible for injuries or death that may occur as a result of using TREEfool climbing equipment. Equipment failures may occur as a result of improper owner usage. Check all equipment before each use for any defects or problems.

TREEfool portaledges are NOT intended for life support. Do NOT use portaledges without being safely tied into the tree or rock wall. If you are not properly anchored to the tree or rock wall you may be severely injured or die.

Tree and rock climbing are dangerous. Understand and accept the risks involved before participating. You are responsible for your own actions and decisions. Before using this product, watch and understand the instructional video to familiarize yourself with its capabilities and limitations. We recommend that every climber seek proper training in the use of the equipment.* Failure to read and follow these warnings can result in severe injury or death!

By checking the box on the order form you are electronically signing that you agree to these terms and conditions.