Do you have a tree camping adventure to share?

I would LOVE to feature it on! Write up a trip report, include direct links to your pictures or videos, and then leave a quick comment on this page. When I receive your message I will send you an email asking for your trip report and will feature it on the front page under “This Week’s Post”.

1. You MUST use appropriate safety gear which includes a harness and climbing spec rope.
2. Your hang needs to be higher than 10 feet.

Assuming I don’t have a post scheduled for the next week your trip will be featured the Monday after we get a hold of each other. After the first week your report will be located under the “POSTS” tab in the “treecamp” section. Thanks for sharing!

54 thoughts on “SUBMIT.

    • Awesome! Your video is now featured on the front page! You can see the post by visiting the home page and clicking the “Labor Day 60′ Up” link. Thanks Jake! Glad you had fun.


  1. Hey! Great site man! I have tons of climbing adventures that have, are, or are going to be happening in the future! I would love to be featured on the site and to talk about some other important things with you!

    Here is a link to our website (…) and our Instagram (…) !

    Thanks for all the laughs and your great attitude!


  2. realy love te site and has given me aome great ideas on my new portaledge im building as we speak would love to talk to you about how i could maybe improve my portaledge or i anything i am doing could be improved also would be cool if i could show ypu the progress of my ledge being built.

  3. That is a good question. Your post some how got unapproved from my website unless I am going crazy and I hadn’t actually approved it until today. Ha, that is probably the case. ANYWAYS! In response to your original post, I would love to see your portaledge! When you get it finished I will post it up on the site if that is cool with you?

    • Terry you can find a link at the bottom of the “Master Portaledge Tutorial” page which brings you to a page including all user submitted portaledge photos. And since you are the first you have the page all to yourself 😉

      Definitely send me a message when you finish the tent conversion.

    • Hey Terry can you give me some specs for your portaledge? I am sure I will get asked now that your pictures are posted for all to see. What brand of cot and tent did you use? Thanks.

    • Terry can you give me some specs for your portaledge? I am sure I will get asked now that your pictures are posted for all to see. What brand of cot and tent did you use? Thanks.

  4. your probably wanting something really indepth but its so so simple i first started off with a first aid stretcher £10 that i found at a local imporium (junkshop) lol i then bought on ebay a pack of 4 ratchet straps for £6.99 last but not least i went to tesco and bought a £15 2 man tent.

  5. im not sure where i read it but you said something about maybe selling your portaledge of love lol i would be seriously interested if this is true?

    many thanks

    terry c

    • Terry, I will be selling my solo ledge in the near future but not my double ledge. I built the “portaledge of love” for my wife and she hasn’t even spent a night on it yet! (Hopefully soon! The weather is getting beautiful out!) I have decided to list my solo ledge on TREEfool (instead of ebay) and I am thinking it will go for $275 plus shipping for the ledge/fly/topcap/webbing. I am waiting until it gets warmer out before I list it though.

      • oh right maybe i could persuade you to build another 🙂 lol and yeah the weather here is on the turn to which is good as its freezing at the moment maybe you could organise a trip to england and come tree camping with me? also would love to add you on facebook if possible?

      • Ha! You could easily persuade me but the money required would buy you a perfectly good Black Diamond Cliff Cabana and rain fly! My facebook is Logan Spader and my photo is of a friend and I hanging on a portaledge off a rock wall.

  6. Hey Logan! Discovered your site while researching tree tent designs and realized you’re practically my neighbor. I’m in Minnetonka and have very similar interesting in climbing, camping and outdoors. I have a few ideas for a commercial tree tent I’d like to consider having manufactured and wanted to get your ideas or partner on it. Any chance we can connect?

  7. Logan, this is a phenomenal site! I love watching the adventures and has really caught my attention since I sleep in a hammock every night and have been wanting to get back into rock climbing. You did inspire me to head out and do a free climb night in a tree ( Now I have everything to do rope ascensions and was messing with the budget RAD system (Thank you, I was buying everything from rope to a harness so that eased the hit, totally worth it though) and descending using a footloop. I did find wearing a glove and holding the rope down helped a lot in controlling the decent and felt very confident although I haven’t really used an ATC in 6 years. I have a photo to help illustrate what I mean if you would like, I just though it might help other newcomers. I also have a video testing it. (

    Many thanks for all your wisdom and efforts for recreational tree camping.
    Look forward to more adventures.

    • Very good! I am psyched to hear you are getting back into climbing. I scrolled through your video quick this morning and you stated your prusik wasn’t releasing very well. Try using a klemheist knot instead since it releases much easier. Good luck and have fun!

  8. Logan Hello! My name is Alejandro and I write just to say I think your site si cool and I like a lot of your videos. I hope to see more videos of your upcoming adventures. I am putting together some minimum equipment for camping out in the trees.

    Greetings from Cordoba, Argentina =)

  9. i’m glad i took your advice of going low and slow! ( i fell from about 10 feet trying to figure out the atc-guide without a safety line going from my harness to the prusik. (stupid) i’ve been climbing and i am starting to figure it out. I have a couple questions for you though. you said something like ” i climbed up and set up my anchors.” what do you mean by that? is that how you are able to play around the canopy? (that is my second question: how do you get all over the place if youre connected to a single point on the tree?) thank you for being rad! — Greg

    • Wuw! I am sorry to hear that. I am also very glad that you took it low and slow. When I get the chance I am going to add your story to the “How To Tree Climb” page. I want to make sure that all of the new tree climbers understand the fact that the ATC wasn’t made for tree climbing which means there is a much higher propensity for something to go wrong vs traditional tree climbing gear. Thanks for sharing.

      When I ascend a tree I climb to the highest limb that will safely hold my weight and I “build an anchor” (this is my rock climbing background talking) which basically means that I have chosen it as my main tie in point. The higher this point is the easier it will be to do limb walks (walking horizontally on limbs to access the outer most twigs and leaves). This is where lanyards come in handy because if you let go while on the outer most limb you will swing back towards the shaft of the tree and potentially severely injure yourself. The higher your anchor the less dangerous the swing will be.

  10. Hey Logan! I have been using the budget RADS and it is working pretty well for me. I do have a few questions though. How are you able to play around the canopy if your rope is attached to one point? Do you just walk around the branches and give yourself slack as you get farther from where the rope is fixed? Also, (and hopefully this isn’t a stupid question) when should i be using an anchor cord? and how do you attach it? On your gear list i see what looks like a double fishermans and a carabiner. Do you just girth hitch the rope to the tree and clip the biner to your harness? Sorry for the silly questions!
    Your videos, by the way, are super awesome! Definitely a big fan!
    Thank you for your help!

    • So i super didn’t realize that I already posted a comment on here. so you can delete these! haha but thank you for replying. that was real helpful!

    • Thanks man, and sorry for the late reply. My new job is stealing my freedom. You are correct that I USED TO girth hitch cords (tied with double fishermans) and clip into them when I untie my main climbing rope for advancement purposes. However, I have since began using a lanyard which is basically an adjustable anchor point. I learned this from my arborist friends and I initially thought it was the perfect setup so I stopped carrying loops of cord. However, every so often I miss having an extra cord for building a quick anchor… I am psyched to hear the budget RADS is working for you!

  11. Where do you usually go tree climbing is it at legal places or illegal places I’m trying to figure out where the best places are to go

    • Ha! This is a fun question. I try my hardest to go in legal places but a lot of the time I really don’t know. One time I was climbing this giant tree in a public park (with a playground and a bike path) and I had two guys in suits stroll up and tell me that I wasn’t allowed to climb the trees. Another time I left my car on the side of a road near a state forest and I came back to find a parking violation that stated there was no overnight parking allowed. But for the most part, I choose locations that few people ever travel to so I never run into any problems.

      Call me crazy, but I find some of the coolest camping spots by using Google Maps. I just search for large areas of forest that don’t have any houses, parks, or highways nearby and scout it on a quick bike ride. If there are no “private property” or “no trespassing” signs I consider it fair game. I have found that being polite and LEAVING NO TRACE is key to having a successful stealth camping trip.

      But like I said before, I try my hardest to camp in places that allow free-range camping. If I am staying in a developed camping area I always pay for a campsite before I set off to go tree climbing. Be smart, follow the rules, and if somebody tells you that you are camping illegally makes sure to be polite, APOLIGIZE, and leave promptly.

  12. Great website Logan! I’ve been climbing trees for probably 5-6 years now, and have even camped on my own a couple times, but what you are doing to promote tree camping is unequaled. And thanks for the referral of the Bat Hammock… I’m waiting for mine to be delivered as we speak.

  13. Hey Logan, when I saw this video I just had to tell you about it. Okay I’m jumping ahead (rewind). I’m considering purchasing a portaledge because I don’t have the time to dedicate to making one; however, I really like the Mosquito Bat Hammock, too. I’ve been researching some portaledges when I came upon this video on the setup of the Black Diamond Double Cliff Cabana, linked below. I just have to tell you that your portaledge design is (in my humble opinion) by far better than this thing. The set up is not too bad but the process for putting on the rain fly is obscene! Your rain fly design is so much simpler and so much easier to use! You should consider making them and selling them. If you haven’t seen this already, check it out. I’m not sure why they would design something like this that is so complicated and such a pain to use. I think that you might find it entertaining, enjoy ha ha.

    • Thanks for posting the video, I had never seen it before. While I would love to make a living selling home made climbing gear I have calculated the logistics (multiple times) and unfortunately couldn’t support my family on it :/

  14. Logan, u ruined me with your bat hammock review that I saw back in August. I was sitting at a lighting console for a freshman orientation, researching rigging equipment for our theater at USC here in cola town. Caught your video, and then other videos, & always with a joyful smile on your face!!! I’ve been a hiker, hammock /tarp camper, entertainment rigger, so I have enough gear to get up in the trees…& I just bought a fish double so I don’t have to go it solo. Can’t wait to implement the vast amount of knowledge u and the other tree, mountain, cavers have shared on utube. Sooooo… My q’s are: what is the ledge that u commandeered in the river vid? Have u tried under quilt(which I preset on my hammock) with a topquilt? (Jrb brand down were on sale when I was in the market) I’ve awoke cozy with snow on me! & Have u seen “my current srt technique” by caversce I think. Seems like a descent system . Sorry so long winded, but did I mention that u ruined me? Or as we say down here in the south= ruint! Thanx. P.s. I think u should at least find a way to make stormflys for single point hammocks at a production level. Yours looks better & lighter.

    • Hey I appreciate the feedback! The circular portaledge in the river video is a custom build from a local friend. I have not tried an underquilt before (money reasons!) but I have no doubt that it would be super awesome to use them with a hammmock. But I can’t think of any way to make an underquilt work on a portaledge since it would droop away from the middle.

      And I have considered starting a treecamping gear business many times. It only makes sense considering my father and grandfather both started their own businesses and I have many connections including the dude in the river video who has tossed around the idea of partnering up. I just don’t know if I am willing to sacrifice the time!

  15. Love your videos man! Getting the last piece of my gear this week and (safely) going to try it. I love hammocking and I also love biking! I have a Trek cyclocross bike mainly, and bikepack with my fatbike, so naturally tree camping makes sense. I’d love to buy a tree fool sticker as well if you have any extra to spare.

    • Hey Josh let me know how your first climb goes! I won’t be sending out any more stickers for a week or two because I have a lot of stuff going on at work and home but I will add you to my list.

      • Will do! What do you suppose is the smallest diameter limb/branch you would anchor to? Hardwood of course. I’ll have to dig my gopro out again!

      • I am no expert on tree strength which is why I ALWAYS anchor my portaledge to the main trunk. As for choosing a branch to advance your tie-in-point I always go with the rule of “bigger is better” as long as the branch is filled with leaves (or buds in the winter).

  16. Hey logan i just wanted to thank you for introducing tree climbing to me. When I saw your videos I was so ready to start. I asked if I could get some of the gear, because I was only missing the bat hammock. So the first time I slept was pretty awsome but also scary at the same Time I wanted to send you some pictures or videos of the adventures, of an I forgot to mention that I’m from Poland, Europe. Thanks again Dawid

  17. Hi Logan
    I got very inspired by your treefoolishness and couldn’t stop working till I had my own portaledge. This is a vid of the first night out there in a tree.

    Thanks for your inspiration and I’ll keep you informed, if there is something happening worse to inform.

    Good look and be safe too 🙂


      • Hi Logan
        Thanx for the answer. you mean the lines and so? I will make one soon 🙂 Can I also post pictures here?
        By the way, I’m thinking hard about waterproof connection between the tent and the anchor rope. I tried one solution and sat all of a sudden 15 cm lower. The self build fimo parts didn’t hold 😦 I knew, there was no danger, because the construction didn’t break the connecting rope between the tree and the portaledge. But it still was a moment of «what the hell is going on…»

        Another question: I seems as if you are connected to the ascender rope during the night. I fixed my camp with a 10mm rope and a carabiner at the branch. Then I hooked a sling (or do you call it runner?) the carabiner and then hooked myself finally into the sling. I consider it as safe. What do you think? Are there specific reasons to keep attached to the ascender rope?

        So far for now. Have a nice day. Sincerely Pascal

  18. Hi Logan, I just landed on your videos; I was hypnotized for your excellent work and humour. i am wondering if you have a tutorial about branch sizes; I mean any recommendation about safety when you hang on a branch according to kind of wood and diameter.


    Carlos Abellanosa

    • Ahh, sorry for the delayed reply. My son is the ultimate time consumer, haha. I get asked this question a lot and the truth is that I do not feel comfortable making a video about branch sizes and safety because I have never had any formal training in this area. To be honest, I think there are a lot of working arborists who have never had any training in this area either and I have never come across any videos discussing it. Maybe check out some of the books on Sorry I could not better answer your question.

    • Yes, lately any day that I have off of work I spend it catching up on sleep. My wife and I are finally figuring out how to plan our freetime with the new kid so hopefully I will be going on one in the near future. I have a friend who has been begging me to take him into the canopy so it needs to happen 😉

  19. Good afternoon, dear friend!
    I collect my PORTALEDGE.
    And I had a question: what material did you use for
    To create Double Portage? (Oxford, what is the density and thickness of the filament?)
    Thank you for your work !!! Waiting for an answer…

  20. Thank you.
    In Russia, in a region where I live hard to get the right materials. ((
    But I do not despond. Tubes and corners already got. It remains to buy cloth.
    I’m looking forward to your new videos !!!

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