South Dakota Mushroom Hunting

Let’s start the first South Dakota mycology club! Yes, all two of us. We can stare at the muddy ground while getting attacked by mosquitoes that are somehow able to endure the 50mph winds we find ourselves in. Mushroom season in SD lasts 4 whole days if we cross our fingers and submit ourselves to the mushroom gods. Damn do I love hunting mushrooms…

This page is divided into subcategories:
1 – Edible Mushrooms
2 – Mushrooms not yet tasted…

Eating wild mushrooms is dangerous without proper knowledge. When in doubt, don’t eat it! Seriously, unless you first make a spore print and use a mushroom key to properly identify your fungi you are risking your life by putting it in your mouth.

Edible Mushrooms of South Dakota

Chicken of the Woods
Laetiporus Sulphureus

It absolutely tastes like chicken and the texture is unreal!

Wood Ear Mushroom
Auricularia auricula
Basically impossible to mis-identify, this is one weird mushroom that legit looks like an ear.

Morchella Esculenta
The taste is NOT hype. Morels are the yummiest mushroom I have eaten.

Dryads Saddle
Polyporus Squamosus
Edible and plenty to go around!

Mica Cap
Coprinellus micaceus
Very light taste but makes a great toasted mushroom sandwhich.

Stinkhorn Mushroom
Phallus impudicus
The eggs can be eaten and I’m gonna do it next time they pop up in my yard… I ate my first stinkhorn egg June ’22 and oh my, I do not recommend them.

Scarlet Cup
Sarcoscypha coccinea
Kick-ass little mushroom that was found while the ground was still frozen from winter!

Shaggy Mane
Coprinus comatus


beautiful unidentified mushrooms of 2021