Foraging Edible Bugs

Hunting for bugs is way more complicated than plants and mushrooms because….


The only book on the subject “Edible Insects” by Fred Demara is entirely lacking anything of substance. So this 2022 summer I am dedicating my free time to bug hunting. That means I’m gonna try eating woodlice again even though I promised myself to never ever put one in my mouth after the first time. Haha.

Yes, snails are NOT bugs (they’re mollusks) but most people think they are “icky” so I’m adding them to the bug list!

Enjoyable. Last two seasons when chased them around to catch them. This year we will be using the wool-blanket-method!

When we first cooked up cicadas to eat them I was surprised by how hollow they are. Haha! I thought they tasted great fried up after boiling them for 5 minutes.

Way harder to catch by hand than grasshoppers! This 2022 season we will be planting open bottles in the ground with fruit to catch them in bulk!

Wood Lice
Also known as pill bugs or land shrimp the first time I tried these it was a horrible experience. But I’m going back with some new knowledge to make it happen!