Tree Climbing to Eat Wild Mulberries!

When to Forage?
Mulberries start falling off the tree in late June. This is the best time to locate mulberry trees because the ground beneath them is painted with the black juices of berries after they are squished by hikers and cyclists.

We have a patch of 5 trees near our home where we pick all the ripe berries that are reachable from the ground every two days. This allows us to fill about a gallon bucket from late June to at least mid July. Needless to say we are attempting to plant some mulberry trees in our own yard now!

Where to find Mulberry Trees?
I’ve found this tree at the edge of forests in partial shade, as ornamental plants, near hiking trails, and in a grassy cow pasture.

How to eat the fruit?
When the berry turns black it is ripe. I like to shake each branch over a small bucked since the ripe fruit drop and the unripe fruit stay on the tree for birds to eat. There are two different types of berry (red and white) but they all seem to ripen black? I think they taste best eaten fresh but I also freeze them for smoothies.