Eating Purple Wood Sorrel

My 1 year old snacking on some yummy wood sorrel.

Where & When to Find?
Wood sorrel grows everywhere. Forests, lawns, gardens, parks, everywhere! This is often called “clover” by many people as it is probably the most well known edible plant in South Dakota. I remember learning about it when I was in elementary school LONG before I fell in love with foraging.

It starts growing a few weeks after the first dandelions pop up (late May?) and can be foraged until the temps start dropping below zero. No matter the time of year wild wood sorrel tastes the excellent!

How to Eat?
Everyone loves this raw. Most people that have never tried it say they are surprised by the taste. It reminds me of the peel from a green apple. I grab it by the handfuls and eat it raw. It goes well on salads and sandwiches. Purple and green varieties taste identical.