How to Eat Polyporus Squamosus!

When to find Polyporus Squamosus?
Also known as the Dryad Saddle, this mushroom can be found as early as May in South Dakota. It prefers cold weather so it is NOT often found mid-summer.

Where does this Mushroom Grow?
Broad leaf forests. It is both parasitic (killing the host tree) and saprophytic (helps decay dead wood). This mushroom grows absolutely enormous and is impossible to miss even for people who aren’t hunting mushrooms.

Spore Print?

How to Eat Polyporus Squamosus?
According to “” there are no poisonous look-alikes although the hedgehog mushroom with teeth (instead of pores) looks quite similar if found in your area. I’ve found that even the biggest mushrooms taste great when fried up in olive oil even though they feel very tough and leathery before cooking.

More Info
At the end of May 2022 a local forest was absolutely COVERED with polyporus squamosus. Downed logs, dead trees, and stumps boasted some mushrooms that were over two feet wide. At this time I found many young pins and aged growths.

I took some home to eat and was disturbed by the toughness. It was very different from the prior times that I at p. squamosus so I’m guessing that young mushrooms are the most edible. I’ve read that it is much easier to put them in a blender and use as a soup base. Gotta try it soon!