Foraging Mica Cap Mushrooms

Where to find Coprinellus Micaceus
Usually grows in large clusters on dead wood. If you find it on your lawn it is probably growing on old buried tree roots. In my neighborhood of Sioux Falls, SD the road-side ash trees are being cut down all over (emerald ash bore) so we have mica caps running up and down our streets.

When to find Coprinellus Micaceus
I’ve noticed this mushroom all year long. It is always the first lawn mushroom to show up in spring and usually fruits whenever there is a week of rainfall.

Spore Print

How to eat?
Mica caps don’t have much of a taste. I pick the fresh caps that are not auto-digesting (when they start to turn black, it looks like they are rotting but this is just a spore dispersal technique). You can fry up mica caps in olive oil then put them on a toasted sandwich with pickled sweet red onions, some white veggie “cheese”, and balsamic vinaigrette.

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