Foraging False Solomon’s-Seal

Fresh picked F.S.S. with May flowers.

Do you learn most of your new wild edible plants from books? I do. But not in this case! I was biking to work when I saw a lady crouched with a plastic bag full of weeds. Being the socially awkward person that I am I slammed my brakes and stopped to ask what she was doing.

Although she spoke broken English she taught me that this “bitter flower” plant was used in soups and cooking. I ate some raw after she assured me I wouldn’t die and finished my ride into work.

When to Find This Plant?
False Solomons Seal starts growing early May and flowers April-July here in South Dakota.

Where to Find It?
I find it all along the Sioux River in Sioux Falls in HUGE clusters. It also pops up in damp woody areas and stands solo among other weeds.

How to Eat False Solomons Seal?
I snack on the leaves and add them to sandwiches. My Peterson Field Guide says to cook it up like asparagus or add to salads. The berries are apparently edible but slightly cathartic.

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