Quick Overnight Trip And Photo Shoot For MOSQUITO HAMMOCK

“That picture is amazing” is what I would say to myself if I was a different person. Oops, I am working hard to be more modest but it doesn’t come easy, hahaha. Seriously though, I don’t know why the pictures always turn out so great when I am camping in Mammoth MTB Park (Chaska, MN).

I promised some cool pictures to Tom Claytor, the owner of Mosquito Hammocks and needed to fulfill that promise. Three weeks ago I set out on this short adventure between my work days so I didn’t get much time to enjoy myself since I basically setup camp, did a photoshoot, went to sleep, got up early super early for the perfect sunlight, took some more photos, packed up camp, and went home. I successfully snapped some great photos but this trip didn’t do it for me (this is apparent by the fact that it took me three weeks to write a trip report).

The worst part is that the tree kicked my ass. I was short on time so I ended up not going to the summit, but I worry that I would not have made it even if I had a full day to climb. The branch above my camp that I wanted to reach was very high and occluded by the branches of a near-by tree. Whatever, I will go back there one day and prove to myself that I can conquer it! Here are a few of the pictures: (Note: I did not include my best ones that were sent to Tom to be used on his website. He hasn’t posted them on his page yet but head over to the “Bat Hammock” page at MosquitoHammock.com to see the best photos.)

Click Here To Watch A Video Of This Hammock Being Used On A Fantastic, Minimalist, Overnight Tree Camping Adventure.



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