When I started posting reader submitted videos I planned to only post tree camping oriented videos. This means if there is no hammocks or portaledges in the video I am not using it! But then I realized that was a stupid rule. SO check out this short video!

The Seekers Of actually has a bunch of “visual media” on their website and although I was tempted to publish their 17 minute video that explains how to splice a rope simply because the background music was so kick ass I decided to post the video above for a few different reasons. 1. It was fun to watch. 2. The video was short to fit my attention span! 3. It shows all of you fellow tree campers (who have no formal background in tree climbing, myself included) how fast true arborists can ascend a rope. and 4. The video proves that I am not the only weirdo who loves to climb trees!

I hope you guys enjoy it! I heard rumors that they have a cool video about to be released so stay tuned!



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