What’s next for 2015?

2015 will be all about HAMMOCKS HAMMOCKS HAMMOCKS! ….but hold on. First let me say: HUZZA! TREEfool is a success! Last year I started this blog with the hopes of spreading the word of tree camping and giving recreational climbers new ideas to climb on a budget. It began with 30 visitors the first month and after just one year TREEfool attracts between 100-200 visitors a day! I am very excited to see so many people showing interest in tree camping.

So back to the original question. What is on TREEfool’s agenda for 2015?

1. School. Yup. I hate that word. I decided to leave my career in paramedicine to become a bike mechanic in December and I LOVE IT! The original idea was to open up a store on TREEfool in conjuction with my new bike mechanic job but after a whole bunch of research and planning the wife and I thought it would be prudent for me to go back to RN school. So what does this mean for TREEfool? MORE VIDEOS! Although school will be my priority and I will be short on freetime I won’t have any spare money to go mountaineering in Colorado or climbing epic rock formations like Devil’s Tower so I will have to supplement local tree climbing trips instead! This equates to MORE ADVENTURES! WOOT! (What? Did you think I was going to postpone all my adventures for the next 2 years?)

2. Hammocks! Apparently I can’t make up my mind. Hammocks are best. No portaledges are best. No hammocks are best. PORTALEDGES! HAMMOCKS! AHHH! Well at this time I know that a double portaledge is the most comfy and funnest way to hang in the canopy with a friend but I do miss super crazy light solo trips with my hammock. So my goal for 2015 is to modify the Monster Proof Hammock System until it is just as comfy as my solo portaledge. So stay tuned for some crazy ideas, haha.

3. Bikes. I love bikes. Why else would I leave my “high” paying career for an almost minimum wage job working on bicycles? My adventures this year will mostly be via bicycle for the following reasons: save money, live more environmentally friendly, reach a wider audience, and to see some forests that can’t be accessed by car.

4. Friends. Expect to see less solo adventures and more awesomeness from my friends! My beautiful wife will join me this year even if I have to knock her out and drag her up into the canopy caveman-style. 😀

5. TREEfool Store. I have been playing with this idea for a while and the truth is that I just don’t want the responsibility of running a business at this time in my life but when my wife surprised me with a package of custom TREEfool stickers for Christmas the floodgates were opened! The store will not be a source of income for my family but rather it will be a way to support TREEfool and the madness that it brings to our world. Running this website costs me money that I won’t have while I go back to college so hopefully selling stickers, T-shirts, the “Twig Harness”, and possibly even some custom hammocks I will attain enough revenue to keep the website up and running!

6. Environmental friendliness! I am a bike riding vegetarian who recycles everything, preserves water, hates plastic, gets furious when I see littering, lives simply, and literally hugs trees on a weekly basis. Ok, so I have a LONG way to go before I can consider myself a true environmentalist but I promise you that I try my hardest everyday. One of the ways that I can be more environmentally friendly is by squeezing in information about it on TREEfool! I hope that some of my passion for saving our world will rub off on you guys this year so please be open to new ideas! We only have one Earth!

7. Advertising. F*** advertising. Seriously. Who needs to be told what they need to buy? However, going back to my 6th point, I want all environmentally friendly companies to dominate the market so if I can help make this happen, I will… SERIOUSLY THOUGH! I HATE, hate, hate advertising so expect my openness to the idea of advertising on TREEfool to take some time. (I would love to hear your feedback on this topic as well)

With that said, thank you everyone for the support, questions, feedback, and video submissions! I hope to see a lot more pictures and videos from you guys in 2015 so LETS DO THIS!


To celebrate going back to college I had to squeeze in one final big adventure with my good rock climbing buddy. The trip is not related to tree climbing and I did not plan to do any filming but we ran into some crazy ass situations so I had to record a few clips:


4 thoughts on “What’s next for 2015?

    • Thanks for the feedback on this topic! I plan to start testing a prototype soon which is very user friendly relative to my past ideas. If it passes my rigorous testing I will likely start selling them on a made-to-order basis.

  1. Hello Mr. Treefool!

    Looks like you have a bustling year coming up! I’m wondering though, between all of your studying and work, if you might have a free weekend some time this Fall to hang out and show me the ropes of tree-camping. I will travel to you and happily pay a fair wage for your time and instruction. Whaddya say? ^_^

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