New Idea!? U.L. Tree Camping Platform!

Last night at work I became so delirious from my extreme sleep deprivation that I entered a whole new realm of tree camping bivy ideas. I am sure you are wondering why I am creating the blueprints for a new bivy when I have my beloved Monster Proof Hammock System but the truth is that it isn’t perfect yet.

Why isn’t the Monster Proof Hammock perfect you ask? Because camping with it this summer has showed me some flaws in my design. For example:

1. The traditional bridge hammock is warm and comfy in the winter and the slight shoulder squeeze is welcomed but in the summer it is too confining and warm. I just want to sprawl out!

2. My tarpsock opening has been redesigned with a zipper (I haven’t shown it in a video yet!) which has helped with ease of entry but in the rain it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep gear dry. I miss the traditional rain fly which allows me to have a whole area of rain-free-space.

3. I need a second bivy setup so that I can bring my wife treecamping with me. So why shouldn’t I look into different designs!?

Like I was saying earlier. Sometimes driving an ambulance at 3:30am while very sleep deprived is a GREAT way for my brain to dream up new ideas! So after getting some much needed sleep I grab one of my old hammocks, some scissors, a whole bunch of webbing, and set out into the forest to do some testing. This is the result:

Now, this isn’t totally what I had planned in my head. I used four trees because I did not want to modify my hammock too much. My idea is to use a three point system which will require that I start from scratch. I like 3 points as opposed to 4 because this makes sight selection a little less fussy.

Stay tuned for more updates!



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11 thoughts on “New Idea!? U.L. Tree Camping Platform!

    • Awesome links! Thank you! I had not seen 2 or 3. I became very excited while watching the Treble Hammock video at around the 3 minute mark when he talked about the strap down the middle separating it into two hammocks. You helped me finally find a way to comfortably hammock with my wife. Thank you Mark!

    • You can definitely post more than one sentence or question! You won’t see your post displayed on the website until I “approve” it. All posts will be approved unless they are spam.

  1. Hi i was wondering if you could email me back because i have a couple questions about how to make one of these hammocks and i have some other questions about tree camping also.

    • logan….are you there? can i contact you this way? have something you might like to watch. a tree climbing trip. west coast style…. marten.

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