If you are reading this, THANKS!

Would you rather A: Sit inside on the computer or B: Go outside on an adventure? I personally choose “B” as often as possible. I started this website last winter with the hopes that it would help others who are interested in tree camping get off the ground and into the canopy. So did it work? I don’t know! But I am positive that it has helped.

I finally have most of the important tutorials for beginners posted and all of the main videos that I wanted to accomplish are published. These tutorials and videos make it super easy for me to explain why we tree camp and what it takes to start tree camping to anyone interested in this unique form of adventure.

This website truly exists for the sole purpose of progressing the world of tree camping. I do not receive any money for my videos or this website (And I refuse to run YouTube ads! I HATE ADS! You don’t need to be told what you “need” to buy. Did you know that most people who ask for you to subscribe on YouTube are doing so because the more people that watch their videos the more money they make?). If I post on this website it is because I want the world to read the latest climbing tip I learned or how to make Earth a healthier planet. Publishing a new post every Monday has been very fun for me but now that summer is here I have way too many projects to complete and adventures to go on! So instead of publishing a new post every Monday I will only be publishing a new post if 1. I have a new video to share, 2. there is a reader submission, 3. I learn a cool new technique that needs sharing.

If you are reading this, THANK YOU! You are one of only a few that visit EVERY Monday to read my latest post. Visitors to the TREEfool website fluctuate between 20 and 100 people per day and most of these visitors are heading straight to the tutorial section to read about climbing or building a hammock. In other words, they do not come for the new posts, they come for the information that is already published. For this reason I am totally content with using this “blog” as a static website and only publishing a new post when it is the awesome-est of awesome posts to publish!

So enjoy the heck out of TREEfool and don’t forget to contact me if you have a great tree camping trip report for me to feature on this website! Now go outside, invite friends, have an adventure, and BE SAFE!



One thought on “If you are reading this, THANKS!

  1. Hi ! I’m from Poland and I have been watching your videos all day. You truly have inspired me. I used to love tree climbing when I was a kid, and thank to your passion I feel like a kid again. Although I have never tried to truly climb, thanks to you, I want to learn now some basic skills and later on go for an adventure. I’m working In China In a beautiful city called Kunming. Come by ! Rainforest are just few hours from here. Cheers !

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