Don’t Ever NOT Bring Your Gear

Seriously, did you know there was tree climbing in the desert? I didn’t. I assumed that our (my wife and I) adventure to Moab, Utah would consist of sand, sand, rock, and more sand. For this reason I left our hammocks and all of our climbing gear at home.



This tree is sexy. Yup. I just called a tree sexy. We were cycling through Potash canyon, surrounded by big red walls, a river, and small shrubs. THEN, out of NOWHERE, this huge tree is towering towards the sky, alone, begging to be climbed. :/

And to make matters worse, the area that we went backpacking in (Wilhite Trail, Canyonlands National Park) was filled with these super cool gnarled trees that would have been perfect for hanging our hammocks on (see the first picture).

Fortunately the trip was still wonderful even though we were stuck in a tent:

So the point of this post is always bring your gear when you go on a trip. It sucks when you are forced to miss an adventure into the trees (no matter how small those trees may be) just because you don’t have your gear. Oh and I definitely recommend going to Moab, Utah. It is an experience that will be like no other when you are chilling in your hammock listening to the silence of the desolate canyons.


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