FastForward & UnCut (vid)

I don’t like to be boring. Because of this, I edited a face climbing video recently which had multiple cuts and a bunch of weird commentary. You can see the video I am talking about in this post:

I received a message from a viewer that questioned what took place in between the cuts in the video. Did I hang dog? Did I ascend the rope? Did I sing “Pretty Women” and play a game of chess with a squirrel? Nope. I climbed, non stop to the summit.

I HAVE TO PROVE THIS! (not really, I just needed a quick post idea for this week because I am backpacking in the Canyon Lands of Utah with my beautiful wife) SO WATCH THE VIDEO:

(Warning, if you get motion sick easily do not watch this in full screen. You will have a seizure and then vomit!)
Tags: TREEfool monkey man turtlebutt ha! why are you reading my tags!? tree ascend rope solo tutorial tree free climbing tree face climb tree faceclimb tree faceclimbing tree rope soloing rope soloist squirrel man climbing a tree


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