(reader submission) “First Overnight”

Hello guys. I am so excited for this post as it is the first reader submission on TREEfool! I actually found this adventure story hiding on hammock forums and had to ask the author if I could host his report on my website. He goes by the name of Bushwacker and his original post (with a couple extra pictures) can be found here: https://www.hammockforums.net/forum/showthread.php?90541-First-Overnight!

The following is a direct quote of Bushwacker’s trip report titled “First Overnight!” Enjoy!




I was really looking forward to last night – It was the first night since Christmas (when I got my WBBB) that it was warm enough to sleep out.

I know my hammock is quite lopsided, but I couldn’t figure out the mechanics that night, and was too tired to care. I still had an excellent sleep since leather (see below) is quite stiff and comfy.

I used a shearling coat in conjunction with an animal pelt rug (sheep?) as a substitute for an underquilt. They ended up working really well as they a) blocked the wind and b) didn’t get wet when my hammock was leaning against the tree, which allowed the bottom of the hammock to get wet from snow.

The bugnet effectively blocked the snow (still need to make my tarp), and remarkably, my zpacks quilt didn’t get wet, even though it was in complete contact with the net the entire night. This is my first night outside with that quilt, but I have got to say, it is fantastic! It didn’t lose any loft, pretty much filled up the entire section of my bent over hammock, and kept me really warm. I can’t complain at all. Who am I kidding: I LOVE that quilt! The water that did pass through the net beaded up on the pertex quantum gl and, from what I can tell, the feathers didn’t get wet at all.

Just to show that it did snow last night, this branch was completely bare of snow when I went to sleep:

List of things people don’t tell you about tree climbing (low as it may be):
•You’ll end up in a hissing match with a racoon (I eventually decided to just get a second supper, since it was the only tree suitable for a novice like me)
•By the time you get in the hammock, you’ll be too tired enough to ignore the harness, leading to an excellent sleep)
•If you’re me, you will invariably use the webbing on your suspension for balance and as a grip when limb walking. (The ascension is extremely effective for vertical ascents).

I imagine as I continue, tree climbing will become much easier, but my restful sleep won’t be disrupted as I will adjust to my harness.


2 thoughts on “(reader submission) “First Overnight”

  1. I was just reading that thread on HF which got me here and now I’m wondering it I should add tree climbing to the heights that I climb and place my hammock.

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