Fight the Greed

Man's Greed

Imagine a giant forest the size of Massachusetts. There are no roads, no power lines, no houses; just endless forest filled with beautiful trees, animals, and serenity. Isn’t that peaceful? Now imagine that in 1 year that same forest was turned into a lifeless wasteland with rutted dirt roads and pollution everywhere. According to this is exactly what’s happening, “each year about 13 million hectares of the world’s forests are lost due to deforestation” and we are all just sitting there watching it happen.

I am not going to go into detail about how important trees are but I will say that without them you could no longer wake up in the morning and… well you could no longer wake up in the morning PERIOD. estimates that “by 2100 only 18-45 percent of the plants and animals making up ecosystems in global, humid tropical forests may remain as we know them today.” Those numbers are relative to TODAY. Think about what percentage will be left relative to 300 years ago! If you had to guess, do you think the tiny plots of left over forest will be a fun backpacking getaway?

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that a portion of the deforestation is due to farmers trying to provide for their families. If my family was starving I would probably be cutting down trees for farmland too. What pisses me off is the greedy bastards destroying forests just to get richer.

Example? Sulfide mining in Minnesota. The prey? Boundary Waters Wilderness Area. states “toxic mine drainage from this type of mining can create sulfuric acid, increase mercury pollution, turn water extremely acidic, jeopardize drinking water sources, kill fish and other wildlife, and destroy the habitat they depend on… just for fucking money”. Ok, so I added that last part but I wanted to make sure that you fully understood what these guys want to do.

If they do start mining sulfide in the Boundary Waters, my local forest, I guarantee you that I will be camped out in the trees preparing for an all out war. So I encourage you to research your area and make sure that there are no greedy business owners trying to convert your favorite wilderness into a desolate wasteland. If they are I hope you have the courage to do something about it.


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